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• We are SaaS based B2B company that simplifies the legal, technological and reporting solutions for creative industries

• We want to bring more licensed content to the world markets and let DIY-creators focus on their work instead of the logistics, rights management and royalty collection

• Our passion is to build a decentralized distributed ecosystem and to unlock the future of the digital ownership for IP-assets

Creative content has always been an international language, especially music. It crosses boundaries and borders of all kinds. That principle should also be applied to how society respects intellectual property rights (or IP) and pays creators for their works. Now, more than ever, artists and content creators around the globe need to be paid promptly and fairly and be supported by the copyright ecosystem.


The Estonian company DGTal Solutions OU manages copyright and related rights on behalf of creators and rights holders. We have been able to grow into successful IT-service provider for the creative industries, helping artists and labels from all over the world organize their business processes applied to the content distribution. Furthermore, our full-cycle services include a metadata processing, release pitching, analytics and royalty reports. Our strategies and capabilities allow to avoid time-consuming efforts through the use of up-to-date digital technologies. With our support creators are able to unlock their market potential and get real results on promotion. 

2024 Global Music Report Video
(Source: International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)

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