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DGTal Solutions offers one-stop partnership giving clients all the tools required for digital distribution business. From content uploads to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube and 100+ more DSP’s to royalty accounting and sales analytics, our team can help streamline artist and label management that saves client’s time and budget.

Nowadays new technologies have created increased consumer demand not only for more digital content such as music albums, singles, videos, animations, fragments for TikTok, etc., but also for content available through more and more digital platforms and gadgets.
We provide a range of services for various players who create, license and use content commercially – including authors, performers, producers, publishers, labels, broadcasters, gamers and production companies. Recorded music industry revenue is generated through a diverse portfolio of channels and formats of music consumption and we are always looking for new monetization opportunities for our clients. 


We are experts in distribution

●  we administer the client’s workstation accounts with 24/7 access from processing to delivery results including statistics and financial reports

●  we manage catalogs online and deliver releases to 100+ digital platforms (DSP’s)

●  we create compilations from existing catalogs to increase revenue and refresh streams

●  we receive a full view of the onboarding efforts and quickly identify compliance issues and conflicts

In promotion and pitching

●  we provide marketing research and develop advertising strategies for digital branding
●  we help to plan marketing budgets, run campaigns and track release progress
●  we create and deliver pre-release promos and pitchings
●  we execute complex SMM and Google Ads campaigns

In analytics we handle

●  monitoring of the release performance and KPI’s
●  user statistics, demographics and geography of the target audience
●  visual tools and performance charts from streaming platforms
●  smart links with detailed online metrics and analytics
●  monitoring of the world trends and charts from global digital platforms

In accounting

●  we apply a data-driven fintech approach to music IP royalties and payments
●  we manage quarterly sales reports and data imports & exports

*Loud & Clear: How the Money Flows
(Source: Spotify channel on YouTube)

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