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Value Added Services

Let us take care of your сopyright and metadata while you focus on creation, we handle multi-territorial multi-rights licenses for music works, master recordings, audio-visual content and lyrics.

Our legal team helps with

●  online digital contracting system and addendum templates
●  publishing services and repertoire’s due diligence
●  helping authors to register and protect their intellectual property rights
●  creation and updating of the publishing catalogs
●  synchronization deals, when we handle requests regarding usage of music in TV series, films, games, commercials, etc.
●  licensing music from our catalog for various commercial or non-profit projects
●  with lyrics delivery to digital platforms and further monetization
●  copyright-protection issues, unauthorized duplications, infringement of IP rights

The range of our YouTube-channel services for music creators includes few connected cycles such as


●  detailed channel’s audit *,

●  channel design or redesign,

●  customization of tags, metadata and SEO



●  connecting the channel to one of the YouTube MCN’s partner

●  UGC - campaigns

●  Content ID – monetization of UGC-videos

●  quarterly reports in the client’s workstation



●  content protection, conflict resolution

●  blocking of illegal content, dealing with restrictions and strikes

●  providing free access to our music catalog

●  personal manager services for top channels



●  strategy development for the growth and expansion of the channel

●  Google Ads campaigns with in-house certified specialist

●  collaboration with brands and integrations with other creators

●  cross-platform promotion for music videos

*Each request for our YouTube-channel’s services is individually evaluated: we study all the indicators of the channel, the dynamics of its growth, the originality of the content, the absence of copyright violations and its compliance with the principles of the YouTube community, as well as each channel must have more than 1K subscribers or at least 4K hours of views over the past 12 months in order to be connected to YouTube MCN.

We offer a range of services that help you manage the big picture of your own online resources and media accounts, not only by monetizing your content, but also in building a successful musical career with the appropriate use of up-to-date technologies.

Our team will:
●  conduct a detailed audit of your website and connect it to Google Analytics
●  give you recommendations on generating traffic from social media and other sources
●  help in moderating the "Community" section on the YouTube channel
●  develop a SMM-strategy for Facebook and Instagram based on original content, engaging technics and ads
●  create and fill up your page on SoundCloud
●  help in registering an Apple Music for Artists personal account 
●  help you create and manage your Spotify for Artists account
●  take care with pitching tracks, creating promo cards for releases and personal playlists


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